Maintenance Services

Our full-service maintenance department is staffed with top notch professionals who support their properties.  Many common trades are internally performed by our staff to reduce operational costs for our client properties.

We self-perform most carpentry, plumbing and electrical, commercial pool maintenance and other maintenance services at our properties.

Large or unusual projects are put to bid, and SFinvest then operates as a project manager to assure the interests of the client are protected.

Apartment Management

SFinvest is the only Accredited Management Organization® in Northern California (North of Sacramento).  SFinvest is led by Executive CPM® William Sheridan.  Mr. Sheridan is a California Licensed General Contractor, a California Licensed Real Estate Broker, and a developer and operator of large multifamily properties in Chico.

Financial management of the firm is performed by Geralyn Sheridan.  Mrs. Sheridan has decades of financial management and collection and has been integrally involved in the financial management of SFinvest since its inception in 2003.

In the past, Mr. Sheridan has developed residential subdivisions, multifamily apartments, commercial properties, and agricultural property.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan live in Chico, California.  They have two adult children.

IT Consulting

SFinvest can provide you with web hosting and IT infrastructure consulting services.

Hosting capabilities include IIS6 and Apache platforms, PHP Support, MySQL and MSSQL database support.  We manage our own DNS, and all servers are hosted in a DMZ behind a Cisco based firewall.


Our Team In Action

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